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Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt. -- William Shakespeare
Author: Shakespeare, WilliamEra: 1564
The more thou dost advance, the more thy feet pitfalls will meet. The Path that leadeth on is lighted by one fire- the light of daring burning in the heart. The more one dares, the more he shall obtain. The more he fears, the more that light shall pale - and that alone can guide. -- H. P. Blavatsky
Author: Blavatsky, H. P.Era: 1831
Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear. -- William Shakespeare
Author: Shakespeare, WilliamEra: 1564
Enthusiasm is the inspiration of everything great. Without it no man is to be feared, and with it none despised. -- Christian Nestell Bovee
Author: Bovee, Christian NestellEra: 1820
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. -- Mark Twain
Author: Twain, MarkEra: 1835
Today it is not big business that we have to fear. It is big government. -- Wendell L. Wilkie
Author: Wilkie, Wendell L.Era: 1892
True nobility is exempt from fear. -- William Shakespeare, Henry VI
Author: Shakespeare, WilliamEra: 1564
Let the fear of a danger be a spur to prevent it; he that fears not, gives advantage to the danger. -- Quarles
Author: QuarlesEra: 1592
Good men have the fewest fears. He has but one great fear who fears to do wrong; he has a thousand who has overcome it. -- Christian Nestell Bovee
Author: Bovee, Christian NestellEra: 1820
It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet,than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble. -- Epicurus
Author: EpicurusEra: -341
Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid...for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. -- Deuteronomy
Author: DeuteronomyEra: -1200
I deny the lawfulness of telling a lie to a sick man for fear of alarming him; you have no business with consequences you are to tell the truth. -- Samuel Johnson
Author: Johnson, SamuelEra: 1709
Mankind fears an evil man but heaven does not. -- Chinese Proverb
Author: Proverb, ChineseEra: 0
He ne'er is crowned with immortality Who fears to follow where airy voices lead. -- John Keats
Author: Keats, JohnEra: 1795
fear is the mother of foresight. -- Henry Taylor
Author: Taylor, HenryEra: 1800
Our tragedy is a general and universal physical fear so long sustained by now that we can even bear it...the basest of all things is to be afraid. -- William Faulkner
Author: Faulkner, WilliamEra: 1897
Men are swayed more by fear than by reverence. -- Aristotle
Author: AristotleEra: -384
None but a coward dares to boast that he has never known fear. -- Marshal Foch
Author: Foch, MarshalEra: 1851
Whom men fear they hate, and whom they hate, they wish dead. -- Quintus Ennius
Author: Ennius, QuintusEra: -239
We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them. -- Titus Livius Livy
Author: Livy, Titus LiviusEra: -59
Everyone wishes that the man whom he fears would perish. -- Ovid
Author: OvidEra: -43
My debts are large, my failures great, my shame secret and heavy; yet when I come to ask for my good, I quake in fear lest my prayer be granted. -- Rabindranath Tagore
Author: Tagore, RabindranathEra: 1861
An anthill increases by accumulation. Medicine is consumed by distribution. That which is feared lessens by association. This is the thing to understand. -- Nagarjuna
Author: NagarjunaEra: 100
This man is freed from servile bands, Of hope to rise, or fear to fall; Lord of himself, though not of lands, And leaving nothing, yet hath all. -- Robert Herrick
Author: Herrick, RobertEra: 1591
Nothing is more fearful than imagination without taste. -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Author: Goethe, Johann VonEra: 1749
You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you. -- Eric Hoffer
Author: Hoffer, EricEra: 1902
Aability absence abstract acting action actor addiction adversity advertise advice affection age agreement alcohol algebra ambition america analysis anger anxiety architecture argument art artificiality artist atheism author authority avarice average
Bbachelor baseball beauty being belief bible boldness book bore bravery breeding business
Ccalamity capitalism caution censor chance change character charity children city class communism conflict conformity confusion conquer conscience conservative convention courage covet cowardice creation credit credulity criticize crowd cruelty culture cunning cynic
Ddanger darkness darwinism death deceit decision deed defeat defilement democracy democrat desire despair desperation destiny dictator difficult diligence diplomat direction discipline discovery discretion disease disipline dispute dissent divorce doctor doubt dream drink duty
Eearth economy education eloquence endurance enemy energy england entertainment enthusiasm envy epitaph epithets equality eternity ethics evil evolution excellence excess existence experience eye
Fface fact failure faith fame family farm fashion fate father fear fight folly food fool force forethought fortune france fraud freedom friendship fun future
Ggain genius giving glory god gold goodness government greatness grief growth guest
Hhappiness haste hatred health heart heaven heresy heroism history holiness honesty honor hope humans humility humor husband hypocrisy
Iidea ideals idleness ignorance illiteracy illusions imagination immortality inaction inactivity indignation ingratitude inheritance innocence insanity instinct insult integrity intellect intelligent intuition
Jjealousy jest joke journalism journey joy judgement justice
Kkindness knowledge
Llabor language laughter law lawyer leadership learning legislation leisure liberal liberty lie life literature logic london loquacity loss love loyalty luck lust
Mmadness malice man mankind manners marriage martyr mathematics maturing medicine mediocracy meditation memory merit military mind mirth misery misfortune mistake moderation modesty money morale morals morning mortals mother movies museum music
Nnarrow minds nation nature necessity neighbor nervous newspaper nothing
Oobservation obstacle opinion opportunity opposition order
Ppain parting passion past patience patriot peace people perfection perserverance perseverance pessimism philanthropy philosophy plagiarism plan pleasure poetry politics poor poverty power prayer present presidency press pride principles procrastination progress promise property prophet prosperity prudence punishment purity
Rrage reactionary reason reflection reform religion reputation respect rest revenge revolution rich riches romance
Ssadness sage science secrecy self-control self-knowledge selfishness selling sex shame sickness silence sin sincerity slander slavery sleep society solitude sorrow soul speech spirit spring strength struggle study success suffer suspicion
Ttalk taste taxes teaching tear temperance temptation thanks thought thrift time timidness travel trouble truth
Uunderstanding unhappiness unity universe usefulness
Vvalor vice victory virtue vision voice
Wwar weakness wealth weep wickedness wife will wisdom wit women words work world worry worship writing wrong