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Getting Passport Stamped from Protectorate of Emigrants
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It is necessary for every Pakistani to get the Passport stamped from Protectorate of Emigrants in order to leave Pakistan.

COPYRIGHT ALERT: Please report immediately to info@infosoltech.com if you find this article in violation of any copyright laws.
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It is extremely important to understand that without protected passport the airport personnel in Pakistan do not allow to take an international flight. The original purpose of this protection is to get proper data of the emigrant, cover the emigrant through life insurance and to eliminate illegal international travel.

The process of passport protection is a little complicated and takes almost a whole day or even more. This article may help readers to understand and follow the procedure. Please note that the example scenario used is for residents of Lahore.

List of Attributes

1 NICOP, National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis is the first attribute of the process. Only a Token Receipt of NICOP is enough for Passport Protection process. NICOP is a computerized card for identification of a single person visiting a particular country.

This card is issued by NADRA, National Database and Registration Authority within 15 days of application submission. This is an important fact that NICOP recipt is necessary for Protectorate of Emigrants department but the orignal plastic card is not necessary to fly outside Pakistan. This means a person who does not have NICOP plastic card, can still fly outside Pakistan.

2 VISA - Work Permit: An original visa or its photocopy is required.

3 Employment Offer/Contract: The original/scanned copy of Employment Offer/Contract should also be attached along with the Application.

4 Pakistani Passport: This is also pre-requisite of NICOP.

5 Pakistani CNIC, Computerized National Identity Card: This is also pre-requisite of NICOP.

6 Medical Report (as directed by Protectorate of Emigrants).

7 Bank Challan Receipts.

8 Life Insurance.

9 An Undertaking Form.

10 An Information Form.

11 Photograph: Mostly people get the passport protected without submitting any photograph but it is recommend keeping one.
It is expected that the concerned readers do have a valid VISA of any country that is only issued to persons having valid Pakistani Passport and CNIC.

Run the process

The first part of the process is to get a NICOP from any nearest center of NADRA in your locality e.g. Fortress Stadium branch in Lahore Cant. It is very important to understand that original plastic card is not necessary for Passport Protection, although it is required before travel.

The issuance of plastic card from NADRA takes at least 15 days. You do not need to wait for these days. Just the Token / Registration receipt of NICOP is enough to complete Passport Protection process. Now comes the start of original process (adventurous in shining sun).

Visit Protectorate of Emigrants
Visit any nearest office of Protectorate of Emigrants in your locality. Address of the office in lahore is:
Protectorate of Emigrants
117-G Block Model Town,Lahore,Pakistan
Phone # 092-42-9230338, 9230488

In Rawalpindi the office is near Chandni chowk at the road which goes to commercial market. For doing everything in a day, you can apply for NICOP in NADRA's commercial market office early in the morning come to Protectorate's office and try to submitt the forms before 11. You would be able to get the passport stamped in the same date.

Informally or formally the work here will look like this:

1 Show the CNIC, NICOP or its receipt, Passport and the photocopy of VISA to officer. He'll probably sign the VISA photocopy and ask you to take it to another window. There you'll be provided with following documents which cost 20 PKR only.

2 A Bank Challan

3 An insurance form of State Life

4 An undertaking form: This is the ensure that the applicant would not become illegal in the country and if it happens, the applicants will be solely responsible for the consequences.

5 An Information form: This is completely an information page asking about current address, the employer address etc.

There are two different forms to be submitted at bank. Total amount is 3350 PKR only. Now fill the bank Challan forms and visit the given National Bank branch. In case of Lahore the branch name is:
National Bank of Pakistan
C-Block Model Town
It is near the Model Town Park's main entrance.

Get yourself insured
The government of Pakistan required emigrants to get insured by State Life Insurance Corporations. Fill the insurance form and submit 650 PRK with it. It is required to give a copy of CNIC of nominee in order to get the benefit of insurance e.g. father, mother or wife.

Submit all the list of document described in section List of Attributes. Make sure that you get photocopies of each form/challan form before submitting the forms. This is the hard time. As you have submitted the form, you will probably be asked to wait for few hours to get passports stamped.

Try to take lunch in an air-conditioned environment. It's a good practice to reach Protectorate office after 45 minutes on top of given time to wait. Hope you understand the myth.

If you want to get this kind of work done, please spare a day and preferably have your own transportation else it will be you, the streets of Lahore and blazing sun while the mission will still remain impossible.


Please note that protector is valid for 30 days only..Make sure you are not getting the stamp 30 days before your date of travel.

Please note that now a days Protector office only accepts visas with OK TO BOARD stamp by airlines...

COPYRIGHT ALERT: Please report immediately to info@infosoltech.com if you find this article in violation of any copyright laws.

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