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Impacts Of Indian Culture In Pakistan
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Indian Culture is spreading very fast in Pakistan and main source of this is the Indian movies and Dramas.

COPYRIGHT ALERT: Please report immediately to info@infosoltech.com if you find this article in violation of any copyright laws.
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Pakistani culture is based on Islam. Islam is the true religion and it is not possible that it will have impact of any other religion. Its culture is a complete set of things which are unable to amend by others. Census data indicates that over 97% of the populations are Muslims. Over 98% of 166 million peoples of Pakistan are Muslims.

What was that interesting was what she was watching. Yes, you guessed it: Star Plus, the channel which broadcasts all sort of specious cultural values which arent even apparent from their real lifestyle.

The country where a person can kill his hunger well for Rs. 5/-, where the highly paid Instructors salary is Rs. 800/-, where there is a shortage of cloth to cover the body not because of glamour but poverty, where people lives on streets considering those as permanent homes, all of this is common not exceptional in this country, talks about family businesses with monthly turnover of Rs. 50,000,000/-.

These Indian channels, penetrating so called Indian cultural values in us, which we watch so closely: the dressing is nothing close to what is done in Pakistan too much glamour in things has been involved by virtue of which the local channels have to introduce the same effect.

Indian dramas are effecting pakistani culture because we are the ones who ask cable guys to play indian dramas on our tv channels so the pakistani media also tries to give them what they want by somehow giving it an indian touch by casting indian celebrities,wearing saris and long episode of the dramas.

They are actually trying to divert us from our own culture which we can see that the children in pakistan are now speaking some of the hindu words and alos adopting their culture and the parents dont even give a minute to consider this matter very crucial as cultural roots of a country can only remain strong when you consider it you identity.

The children are learning to question privacy. Hindu cultural and religious values have begun to grow in our culture as well. Young children are seen saying Namashkar instead of the conventional Muslim Salam. Also the factor of feminine love is taking growth (only telling you my observation after the channels started; women were already mad before this advent with due respect).

Pakistan has an impact of Indian dressing culture as well. Pakistan is a Muslim country but people have gained western and Indian culture due to modernization and westernization. It has a negative impact on the original culture gifted by Islam but we are not denying the bad effects of Indian style of dressing that we have adapted.


COPYRIGHT ALERT: Please report immediately to info@infosoltech.com if you find this article in violation of any copyright laws.

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