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 A New Muslim World Boxing Champion Aamir Khan :) [] July 19, 2009 10:12:16 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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Amir Khan has been crowned world champion after beating Ukrainian Andreas


After taking the WBA light-welterweight title at the MEN arena in Manchester Khan said: "It's the best feeling ever."

The victory came just 10 months after he suffered a devastating knockout defeat by unknown Colombian Breidis Prescott.

The 22-year-old from Bolton won the fight with a slick unanimous points victory.

His victory completes an impressive turnaround after his world title dreams appeared to be shattered less than a year ago.

At the same venue in September last year Khan was blown away in less than a minute by heavy underdog Prescott in one of the biggest shocks in British boxing.

But the 2004 Olympic silver medalist now describes that defeat as a turning point in his career, prompting him to switch trainers and throw caution to the wind.

A delighted Khan said afterwards: "It's the best feeling ever. First of all I wanna thank God, thank my mum and dad and thank Freddie Roach for making this happen.

"Without the team I've got it wouldn't have happened.

"I want to thank (promoter) Frank Warren. I'm sure we've got some big fights in the future coming up. The way my career's gone, it's gone brilliant.

"I'm a world champion now, I'm going to have a good break now and enjoy it."


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Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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by Ibn al-Qayyim l-Jawziyya

Excerpted from the book "The Path to Guidance"

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said, "And mankind, with regard to their performance of prayer are in five levels.

The First: The level of the one who is negligent and wrongs his soul. He is the one who falls short in performing ablution properly, performing the prayer upon its time and within its specified limits, and in fulfilling its essential pillars.

The Second: The one who guards his prayers upon their proper times and within their specified limits, fulfils their essential  pillars and performs his ablution with care. However, his striving is wasted due to whisperings in his prayer so he is taken away by thoughts and ideas.

The Third: The one who guards his prayers within the specified limits, fulfils their essential pillars and strives with himself to repel the whisperings, thoughts and ideas. He is busy struggling against his enemy (Shaitan) so that he does not steal from the prayer. On account of this he is engaged in (both) prayer and jihad.

The Fourth: The one who stands for the prayer, completes and perfects its due rights, its essential pillars, performs it within its specified limits and his heart becomes engrossed in safeguarding its rights and specified limits, so that nothing is wasted from it. His whole concern is directed towards its establishment, its completion and its perfection, as it should be. His heart is immersed in the prayer and in enslavement to his Lord, the Exalted.

The Fifth: The one who stands for the prayer like the one mentioned above. However, on top of this, he has taken and placed his heart in front of his Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, looking towards Him with his heart with anticipation, (his heart) filled with His love and His might, as if he sees and witnesses Allah. The whisperings, thoughts and ideas have vanished and the coverings which are between him and his Lord are raised. What is between this person and others with respect to the prayer, is superior and greater than what is between the heavens and the earth. This person is busy with his Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, delighted with Him.

The first type will be punished, the second type will be held to account, the third will have his sins and shortcomings expiated, the fourth will be rewarded and the fifth will be close to his Lord, because he will receive the portion of the one who makes his prayer the delight and pleasure of his eye. Whoever makes his prayer the delight and pleasure of his eye, will have the nearness to his Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, made the delight and pleasure of his eye in the hereafter. He will also be made a pleasure to the eye in this world since whoever makes Allah the pleasure of his eye in this world, every other eye will become delighted and pleased with him.

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 Kia Musharf ke khilaf Muqadima e Baghawat Ban Sakta hay? Legal Answers [] July 17, 2009 11:00:28 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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 Germon Police Supported the killer of Shaheed Marwa Ul Sharbeeni [] July 17, 2009 10:59:10 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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 A Story Of Little Princess Who Need Care From Father and Mother ,but not Why? [] July 17, 2009 10:56:11 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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 New Lord Of The Lord's BooM BooM Afridi [] July 17, 2009 10:50:46 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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 No Comments For Topic :) [] July 17, 2009 09:02:30 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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 Meaning OF Life [] July 17, 2009 04:03:41 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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Canto, left, a 27-year-old rhesus monkey, is on a restricted diet, while Owen, 29, is not. The two monkeys are part of a study of the links between diet and aging.

NEW YORK - What's life for? That question stirred as I contemplated two rhesus monkeys, Canto, aged 27, and Owen, aged 29, whose photographs appeared last week in The New York Times


The monkeys are part of a protracted experiment in aging being conducted by a University of Wisconsin team. Canto gets a restricted diet with 30 percent fewer calories than usual while Owen gets to eat whatever the heck he pleases.

Preliminary conclusions, published in Science two decades after the experiment began, "demonstrate that caloric restriction slows aging in a primate species," the scientists leading the experiment wrote. While just 13 percent of the dieting group has died in ways judged due to old age, 37 percent of the feasting monkeys are already dead.

These conclusions have been contested by other scientists for various reasons I won't bore you with - boredom definitely shortens life spans.

Meanwhile, before everyone holds the French fries, the issue arises of how these primates - whose average life span in the wild is 27 (with a maximum of 40) - are feeling and whether these feelings impact their desire to live.

Monkeys' emotions were part of my childhood. My father, a doctor, worked with them all his life. His thesis at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, was on the menstrual cycle of baboons. When he settled in Britain in the 1950s, he had some of his baboons (average life span 30) shipped over, ultimately donating a couple to the London Zoo.

Upon visiting the zoo much later, he got a full-throated greeting from the baboons, who rushed to the front of their cage to tell him they'd missed him. Moral of story: Don't underestimate monkeys' feelings.

Which brings me to low-cal Canto and high-cal Owen: Canto looks drawn, weary, ashen and miserable in his thinness, mouth slightly agape, features pinched, eyes blank, his expression screaming, "Please, no, not another plateful of seeds!"

Well-fed Owen, by contrast, is a happy camper with a wry smile, every inch the laid-back simian, plump, eyes twinkling, full mouth relaxed, skin glowing, exuding wisdom as if he's just read Kierkegaard and concluded that "Life must be lived forward, but can only be understood backward."

It's the difference between the guy who got the marbleized rib-eye and the guy who got the oh-so-lean filet. Or between the guy who got a Château Grand Pontet St. Emilion with his brie and the guy who got water. As Edgar notes in King Lear, "Ripeness is all." You don't get to ripeness by eating apple peel for breakfast.

Speaking of St. Emilion, scientists, aware that most human beings don't have the discipline to slash their calorie intake by almost a third, have been looking for substances that might mimic the effects of caloric restriction. They have found one candidate, resveratrol, in red wine.

The thing is there's not enough resveratrol in wine to do the trick, so scientists are trying to concentrate it, or produce a chemical like it in order to offer people the gain (in life expectancy) without the pain (of dieting).

I don't buy this gain-without-pain notion. Duality resides, indissoluble, at life's core - Faust's two souls within his breast, Anna Karenina's shifting essence. Life without death would be miserable. Its beauty is bound to its fragility. Dawn is unimaginable without the dusk.

When life extension supplants life quality as a goal, you get the desolation of Canto the monkey. Living to 120 holds zero appeal for me. Canto looks like he's itching to be put out of his misery.

There's an alternative to resveratrol. Something is secreted in the love-sick that causes rapid loss of appetite - caloric restriction - yet scientists have been unable to reproduce this miracle substance, for if they did they would be decoding love. Because love is too close to the divine, life's essence, it seems to defy such breakdown.

My mother died of cancer at 69. Her father lived to 98, her mother to 104. I said my mother died of cancer. But that's not true. She was bipolar and depression devastated her. What took her life was misery.

We don't understand what the mind secretes. The process of aging remains full of enigma. But I'd bet on jovial Owen outliving wretched Canto. I suspect those dissenting scientists I didn't bore you with are right.

My 98-year-old grandfather had a party trick, making crisscross incisions into a watermelon, before allowing it to fall open in a giant red blossom. It was as beautiful as a lily opening - and, still vivid, close to what life is for.

When my father went to pick up his baboons at Heathrow airport, he stopped at a grocery store to buy them a treat. "Two pounds of bananas, please," he said. But there were none. "O.K.," he said, "Then I'll take two pounds of carrots." The shopkeeper gave him a very strange look before hurriedly handing over the carrots.

I can hear my 88-year-old father's laughter as he tells this story. Laughter extends life. There's little of it in the low-cal world and little doubt pudgy Owen will have the last laugh.

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 Pakistani Court Clears Former Prime Minister (result of zardari & shreef meeting) ;) [] July 17, 2009 03:56:25 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - The Supreme Court on Friday acquitted the former prime minister and opposition leader, Nawaz Sharif, of hijacking charges, effectively removing the last legal hurdle for him to run for public office, according to his lawyers and party officials.

The court ruled that hijacking charges filed against Mr. Sharif in connection with the 1999 coup in which he was deposed could not be proven. .

The former president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, toppled Mr. Sharif's government in a bloodless coup in October, 1999. General Musharraf maintained that in an attempt to forestall the coup, Mr. Sharif had ordered that an aircraft carrying General Musharraf into Pakistan not be allowed to land. The coup succeeded, and Mr. Sharif was convicted of hijacking charges in 2000. He subsequently went into exile in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Sharif returned to Pakistan in 2007 and has emerged as the country's most popular politician.

President Asif Ali Zardari hailed the ruling, the third in recent months supporting Mr. Sharif's return to politics, as a "step in the direction of ensuring level playing field for all political leaders and parties," according to a statement released by his office.

The court decision coincided with a meeting between Mr. Zardari and Mr. Sharif later Friday.

Officials from Mr. Sharif's party said the meeting had been arranged at the request of Mr. Zardari.

No official agenda has been announced.

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 Shumaila likely to resign today [] July 17, 2009 03:43:16 AM
Tando Adam, Pakistan
Member since June 2006
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LAHORE - PML-N MPA Shumaila Anjum Rana, involved in credit cards theft scandal, is likely to resign from provincial assembly on Friday (today). She is also likely to resign from party membership after failing to convince party leadership about her innocence.
Another PML-N MPA seeking anonymity told The Nation that Shumaila Rana had contacted party leadership and expressed her willingness to resign if she failed to prove her innocence till Friday (today).
He said party had also sought her resignation from PML-N Punjab women wing slot. He said party believed that Shumaila had demanded few days to prove that she was innocent and credit card theft was a conspiracy against her. He declined the impression that party had stopped police to arrest Shumaila Rana and police was free to arrest her.
Sources revealed that PML-N Punjab women wing deputy secretary general Anjum Rana, mother of Shumaila Rana had been making last ditch efforts to bail her daughter out. She had contacted a number of influential party leaders to play their role in the case. She demanded that if her daughter (Shumaila Rana) had to resign from provincial assembly, her membership in the party should remain intact.
It may be recalled that PML-N leadership had sought her resignation forthwith but gave her sometime when she pleaded to prove her innocence within two days, otherwise she would tender her resignation to the party.

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