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Home : Beauty : Skin :
Dark Elbow and Knees Cure
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Dry & dark patches on elbows(knees) can be caused by heavy use (leaning on elbows all the time) and neglect (make sure to moisturize them regularly).

COPYRIGHT ALERT: Please report immediately to info@infosoltech.com if you find this article in violation of any copyright laws.
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What do we know about the skin around knees and elbows?

It is usually thicker than its surroundings and has more folds, is rough and dry and appears to be dirty even though the part may have been covered like full sleeved clothes and jeans. The skin is at least a tone darker than the original skin color. It looks ugly and never seems to restore to its original state.  

Dark Elbow and Knees cure

In case of freckles and age spots, these are seen due to aging and in some cases as a side effect of medication, sun exposure and genetic reasons; black elbow is seen all due to sheer negligence on the same which has ultimately turned out into dryness causing the black pigmentation and dull look of the skin.

The easiest remedy for black elbow is care and little pampering on the skin tone of that area. Another reason which aggravates the roughness of elbow skin is frequent friction of the area with table or with any smooth surface for the day long. It is better to minimize the skin friction in order to stop further deterioration of the same problem in the elbow area.

The elbow skin gets dull due lack of exfoliation in that area. So when you have stared taking care of your black elbow you should remember that it is not an overnight patch so it will not be recovered overnight.

Regular gentle exfoliation of the area will help to lighten the skin pigmentation slightly, gradually, this remedy will restore the softness of the skin tone.

A smooth paste made of walnut powder and coconut oil help to scrub the dead cell layers from this area and keeps the elbow skin soft.

Rubbing a slice of lemon on the dark elbow helps to lighten the dark color of the skin tone. It is natural bleach, however, while using this remedy you should minimize the friction of the affected elbow to treat further worsening of the situation.

A mixture of lemon juice, cucumber extract, and paste of tamarind should be mixed together and need to smear the same on the dark elbow. Retain the mix on elbow for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This natural remedy improves the dark skin tone and improves the skin tone making it soft and supple.

A mixture of yoghurt and vinegar needs to be smeared on the dark elbow to prevent the dark skin tone and restore normalcy in the skin pigmentation.

It is important to drink adequate water and dilute fruit juice to hydrate kin cells internally. Regular application of cream at night on elbow helps curing the problem of skin tone naturally.

Same cure can be applied for knees.

Note: The skin on elbows and knees always look little darker than original skin color because of the folds in the skin which increases if you are overweight. So, to check if the color of knees and elbows have lightened, folds on the elbows or knees and see the color. That should give you the accurate state of your skin.


COPYRIGHT ALERT: Please report immediately to info@infosoltech.com if you find this article in violation of any copyright laws.

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