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Home : Beauty : Eyes :
How to Pluck Your Eyebrows
Tweezing your eyebrows is the most dramatic way to change your face without makeup or surgery. It ca...

Did you know that brows should be a little lighter than your hair color? Yes, it's true...about two ...

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Tweezing your eyebrows is the most dramatic way to change your face without makeup or surgery. It can make your eyes look larger and give your face a clean, polished look.

COPYRIGHT ALERT: Please report immediately to info@infosoltech.com if you find this article in violation of any copyright laws.
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Think plucking eyebrows is self-torture and unnecessary? Never shaped your eyebrows before? It's really not that painful or complicated. A few simple tools and a bit of patience and time. That's all it takes.


1.   Sit near a window to get the best light. 
2.   Wash the area thoroughly so it's not oily. 
3.   Decide what shape you want for your eyebrows.
Styles change: It may help to flip through fashion magazines for ideas. 
4.   Draw in a brow line on your eyebrow with a brow pencil to serve as
a guide. Follow the brow's natural line by conforming to the curve of your upper eyelid. 
5.   Pull the skin at the outer end of the eyebrow taut against the brow bone, and use the brow bone as an additional guide. 
6.   Use a pair of angled eyebrow tweezers to pluck the hairs below the brow; never shape your brow by plucking above it. Pluck only one hair at a time. 
7.   Start plucking in the middle of the eyebrow and pluck toward the outer end; then go back to the middle and pluck toward the nose.

Your brows should extend a little beyond each corner of your eye. 
8.   Use a cotton ball or pad soaked in pure tea tree oil or witch hazel to soothe your plucked brows. 

Consider having your brows waxed once professionally to get exactly the shape you want. You can then pluck the strays as they grow in. 
Habitual plucking may make some hairs stop growing permanently, so pluck with caution. 
There are tweezers on the market that are specially designed for plucking eyebrows. They cost a bit more but make the experience less painful. 
Eyebrow Tweezing

Always grasp the hair as close to the root as possible. The further away from the root you grasp, the more it hurts. Hold the skin down and pull slowly in the opposite direction to the tweezers.

This also reduces pain, as well as the risk of ingrown hairs. If you yank the tip of the hair with the tweezers without supporting the skin, you risk snapping the hair just below the skins surface. This is one of the causes of ingrown hair.

Exfoliate the skin regularly with a gentle exfoliant, it helps prevent ingrown hairs also. Be sure both skin and hair are dried before tweezing (skin is more sensitive when it is wet). A heat pad is ideal to prepare
the skin. Failing that, use a hot flannel and dry off before tweezing. 
The beauty of Threading

Threading is much easier than waxing. When you wax, you run the risk of pulling out wanted hairs. Tweezing is painful, as you're pulling out each hair one by one. The best thing to do is thread. Go to a salon - - threading is not for amateurs. No product is being used on your skin (such as wax).

You can pluck the hairs as they grow in. When the hair grows back in its place, it leaves a green shadow.So it's OK if your hair grows in for a week or two - - you can remove the shadow all at once! 


Keep the point of the tweezers as close to the root as possible to ensure the entire structure is removed, thereby preventing breaking the hair above the root.

The angle of tweezing is important for pain-free removal and to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation. Pull in the direction of hair growth at a shallow angle (at an angle less than 45 degrees), but never pull straight up.

Plucking a hair repeatedly can destroy the follicle and it may not grow back. Be sure not to overpluck.

Using hair bleaching products near your eyes is very risky. Products available for head hair should NOT be used. Ask in your drugstore for products that are safe to use on eyebrows, or go to a salon to have it done the first time and get some advice.


COPYRIGHT ALERT: Please report immediately to info@infosoltech.com if you find this article in violation of any copyright laws.

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